Distinguished members of the Korean Association of International Studies!


I am the 2018 KAIS president Seok Woo Kim.


In 2018, KAIS is going to put in its utmost efforts to continue being a meaningful and exciting association.


I believe there are three key elements in the operation of KAIS. First, it is to create a platform where new creative thoughts and ideas could be shared and vigorous discussions could be held. Second, by conducting active presentations and discussions, it is to publish more advanced and respectable articles in journals through a transparent and fair process. Third, it is to improve the interests of KAIS members. Our association is committed to fulfilling these three basic duties.


In 2018, conferences will be held following the former basic format. Thus, spring, summer, fall, and annual conferences are going to be held. The summer conference, which has the most participation by our members, has been successfully co-hosted by the Korean Political Science Association in the beautiful city of Busan. We are currently continuing our close cooperation and discussions with executive members of KAIS and relevant parties to make other annual conferences possible.


Please support the operation of KAIS and its conferences and share your insights with us. Furthermore, I sincerely ask all of you for your active participation in our organization. 


KAIS is here for our members. I am certain that your participation and support will help KAIS to grow. Once again, I wish all of you a productive year and may all your wishes come true. I hope to see you again. Thank you. 




The 62nd President of KAIS Seok Woo Kim