Dear members of the Korean Association of International Studies

Wishing you and your family health, happiness, and prosperity in the year of 2023.
I am Park, Ihn-hwi, the 67th president of the Korean Association of International Studies.
I am in charge of the honorable responsibility of being the KAIS president and would like to express sincere greetings on behalf of the executive team.

There are countless academic societies in Korea, but there are not many distinguished academic associations like the KAIS with such a long history and a reputation for academic excellence. For the last 67 years, the Korean Association of International Studies has been one of the Korea’s main centers of academic research for international studies and centers of higher institute nurturing many scholars. I believe that the KAIS is an academic society that represents other Korean academic organizations in the field of social science that deserves this glory and joy.

I and the executive team will do the best to attract the passion and competence of all the members of the KAIS to consolidate the honorable reputation of our association that has established the tower of academic glory by the many honorable senior and fellow members. It is well known that the academic identity of international politics has grown up by accommodating the advantageous points of many other academic disciplines for the last 100 years. The KAIS will continue to keep the same responsibility in this year as we have done so far.

The year of 2023 shows many significances both in the realm of academia and in the realm of policy. They include the one year duration of the Ukraine War in February, the 30 years history of the North Korea’s withdrawal from NPT, the 70 years history of the armistice agreement of the Korean War, and the 70 years history of the ROK-US alliance partnership. Academically, these are very momentous subjects, and the public responsibility of the KAIS is expanding as much.

Above all, my team and I will try to increase the opportunity to participate by reflecting the opinions of members. We will continue the tradition of the KAIS and strive to make it a year that does not stop innovating. We hope the members achieve their intended products in academic activities.

With very sincere regards.

The President of the Korean Association of International Studies in 2023
Park, Ihn-hwi

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