Dear members of the Korean Association of International Studies

Wishing you and your family health, happiness, and prosperity in the new year 2022.

I am Sangbae Kim, who will serve the Korean Association of International Studies (KAIS) as the 66th president in 2022. I am in charge of the honorable responsibility of being the KAIS president and would like to say greetings on behalf of the executive team.

It seems difficult to hold face-to-face meetings in 2022 due to COVID-19, but we will do our best to continue our KAIS activities of the 66-year-old tradition and make contributions with fruitful innovation. In particular, we will not forget the three pledges I made during the election campaign.

First, we will raise a research agenda, the “Studies on the State in the Era of Great Transformation” for academic activities of the KAIS in this year. Today is truly an era of crisis, upheaval, and transformation, and a new government is scheduled to be launched domestically. We will provide an academic space to discuss not only the national vision that will open up a new 5 year, but also the national model that will look forward to a new 100 years.

Second, this summer, we will hold the “National Symposium for International Relations” in the form of a joint conference. Currently, prestigious local associations in each region are actively engaged in academic activities. In order to create a balanced academic space nationwide, the KAIS will set the collective stage for joint academic activities.

Finally, we will promote the activities of research subdivisions and support them to be reflected in overall academic activities throughout the KAIS. In particular, we will support these research subdivisions to develop research agenda, to conduct research, and further to present their research at the annual conference of KAIS. To this end, we will set up a momentum for the research subdivision to establish itself as a “small association within the KAIS.”

In addition, we will try to increase the opportunity to participate by reflecting the opinions of many members. Above all, we will continue the tradition of the KAIS and strive to make it a year that does not stop innovating.

Indeed, it is a hard time. We hope the members will be healthy and achieve their intended results in academic activities. Thank you.

On behalf of the executive team members in 2022
KIM, Sangbae

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