Dear members of the Korean Association of International Studies

The year 2024, the year of the blue dragon, has just dawned. I wish all of you a year full of energy to soar like a dragon.

The memories of the COVID-19 pandemic are still fresh. As our lives are recovering from the pandemic, however, the association’s activities are slowly returning to normal.

This year, accelerating the efforts of returning to normalcy, we would prepare various venues for lively face-to-face discussions with the view to building an 'association that works together'.

In particular, this year's summer conference will take place outside Seoul for the first time after many years. It will be in Gangneung on June 26-28 (Wed.-Fri.). I look forward to your interest and active participation.

Our association has long developed international relations and regional studies as its specialty. We will continue to play our part in accurately reading the trends of world affairs and seeking appropriate responses based on this expertise. However, we have paid relatively little attention to domestic issues related to foreign policy. Yet, we all know that international politics and domestic politics are tightly connected, and that foreign policy begins at home. Therefore, through this year's conferences and other activities, we will pay appropriate attention to the domestic foundations of foreign and security policy.

We have long since moved to an environment where academia no longer monopolize the role of knowledge production and distribution. However, academia needs to produce and provide a different kind of knowledge to our society with deep insights and a long and broad view.

To do so, the KAIS will continue and enhance its role in gathering scholarly minds and promoting heated discussions on today's most pressing issues in international studies. I hope that you, our members, will show great interest and actively participate.

I wish you all the best for the year ahead and great success in your endeavors.

Thank you.

On behalf of the 2024 Executive Board,

Dr. Sang-Yoon Ma
The 68th president of the KAIS

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