KJIS 편집위원회


Ma, Sang-Yoon

President of KAIS

East Asian international politics, American foreign policy, Korea-U.S. relations and Cold War history


Lee, Sang-Hwan

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

International political economy

Managing Editor

Woo, Byungwon

Yonsei University

International Relations, International Organization, International Political Economy


Ayhan, Kadir Jun

Ewha Womans University

Public diplomacy, power in world politics, Korean foreign policy, international relations theory, active learning pedagogy

Bell, Daniel A.

Tsinghua University


Blank, Stephen

American Foreign Policy Council

Russia, International Security

Caballero, Mely Anthony

Head of Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies

Non-traditional security, multilateralism, Asia Pacific security, human security, conflict resolution

Castro, Renato De

De La Salle University

Foreign Policy Analysis, International Relations, Strategic Studies, Security Studies

Cho, Wondeuk

Korea National Diplomatic Academy

economic sanctions, US troop deployment, international security, foreign policy decision making

Chun, Jahyun

Yonsei University

Department of International Relations, Mirae Campus, Yonsei University

Chung, Kuyoun

Kangwon National University

US foreign Policy, International Security, Korean Peninsula, East Asia, Maritime Security

Dent, Christopher M.

Edge Hill University

Renewable energy and climate action, traderegional economic integration, East Asia's international political economy

Fang, Songying

Rice University

International relations

Gray, Julia

University of Pennsylvania

political science, international political economy, international organizations

Grieco, Joseph M.

Duke University

International relations

Heo, Uk

University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

International Relations, Comparative Politics, Korean Politics

Hong, Sukhoon

Changwon National University

Intenational Politics, North Korean Politics, Unification Policies, Security Foreign Policies

Huang, Min-Hua

National Taiwan University

Democratization, Research Method, Philosophy of Social Science, Middle East Politics

Hymans, Jacques E.C.

University of Southern California

International Relations, Nuclear Proliferation, Energy Policy, National Identity, Money

Jeong, Jin Mun

University of Seoul

Economic Sanctions, Foreign Policy, International Conflicts

Kim, Nam Kyu

Korea University

Authoritarian politics, Civil-military relations, Leader survival, Political Violence

Kim, Tongfi

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

International affairs

Kurizaki, Shuhei

Waseda University

International Relations, Formal Political Theory

Lee, Ji-Yong

Keimyung University

Chinese Politics

Lee, Jinyoung

Jeonbuk National University

International Relations, Southeast Asia, International Development Cooperation (development gap)

Lee, Su-Hyun

S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University (RSIS/NTU), Singapore

International Political Economy, Comparative Political Economy, Political Institutions, Trade, Labor, Distribution/Redistribution

Martin, Lisa L.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Foreign Aid, Geography, Global Commons, International Agreements, International Institutions, International Trade, Political Economy, Treaties

Matsuda, Yasuhiro

University of Tokyo

political and diplomatic history of Asia, politics and foreign relations in the PRC and Taiwan, the Cross-Strait Relations, Japan’s foreign and security policies

Ming, Liu

Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

International Relations Theory, Geopolitics, Security Studies

Nishino, Junya

Keio University

Law, Political Science

Nishino, Junya

Seoul National University

Political economy of Southeast Asia, China-Southeast Asia relations; South Korea-Southeast Asia relations, International relations of Southeast Asia, ASEAN regional integration

O'Neil, Andrew

Griffith University

Alliances, Nuclear weapons, Theories of deterrence and escalation, Asia-Pacific foreign and defence policy

Park, Jae Jeok

Yonsei University

International studies, Security

Richmond, Oliver

University of Manchester

International relations, peace,building, state,building, global governance, peace and conflict studies

Rubin, Lawrence

Georgia Institute of Technology

Middle East politics, international security

Saxer, Carl Joergen

Hanyang University

comparative politics

Sovacool, Benjamin

Sussex University

Energy security, energy policy, energy studies, climate policy, science and technology studies

Tan, Alexander C.

University of Canterbury

Political Parties, Comparative Political Economy, Southeast Asian Politics, Taiwan Politics, Asian Security

Vu, Tuong

University of Oregon

Comparative Politics, Ideology, Revolution, Communism, Nationalism, East and Southeast Asia

Weitz, Richard

Hudson Institute

National Security and Defense, Terrorism, Arms Control and Nonproliferation

Wishnick, Elizabeth

Montclair State University

China, Russia

Zusman, Eric

Institute for Global Environmental Strategies in Japan

Political Economy of Low Carbon Development

Associate Managing Editor

Kwon, Jaebeom

Jeonbuk National University

International political theory, philosophy, foreign policy, security/defense and peace studies, Japan, China, Northeast Asia

Assistant Editor

Lee, Hye-min

The Korean Association of International Studies

political economy, institution, development, ASEAN