Chaesung Chun

Research/Teaching Interests

International Relations Theory, Diplomatic History, Securty Studies

Current Position

Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Seoul National University


B.A./M.A. Department of International Relations, Seoul National University
Ph.D. Northwestern University

Current Positions

Co-Chair, Center for Comparative Regional Order, Institute of International Studies, Seoul National University
Chair, Interdisciplinary Program in Peace and Reunification Studies, Seoul National University
Chair, National Security Research Center, East Asia Institute
Chairperson, Advisory Committee for the Minstry of Foreign Affairs
Member, Advisory Committee for the Minstry of Defense

Past Positions

Director, Institute of International Studies, Seoul National University
Vice President, Institute of Peace and Unification Studies
Vice President, The Korean Political Science Association
Vice President, The Korean Association of International Studies
Member, Advisory Committee for the Minstry of Unification
Member, The National Unification Advisory Council
Visiting Professor, Keio University, Japan


<Books in Korean, single author>

Sovereignty and International Relations: Northeast Asian International Relations Theory: Politics among Incomplete Sovereign States(2020)
Sovereignty and International Relations: Modern Sovereign States System and the Evolution of the Empire(2019)
Is Politics Moral: Reinhold Niebuhr’s Transcendental Realism(2012)
East Asian International Relations: History and Theory(2011)

<Books in Korean, Single editor>

Theory of East Asia Regional Order: Incomplete Sovereignty and Regional Conflict(2018)
International Politics of Complexity(2017)
East Asia and the Korean Peninsula in the US-China Competition(2015)

<Articles in English>

(with Patrick Cronin, Sang Hyun Lee, Scott Snyder), A Vision for the ROK-US Alliance(Seoul: East Asia Institute, 2020)
“Cold War Structure and Culture in South Korea,” Korean Social Science Journal (2017) 44:69–85
“East Asian Security and South Korea’s Middle Power Diplomacy,” EAI MPDI Working Paper No. 9(2014)
“South Korea’s Foreign Policy and East Asia,” in Rudiger Frank, and John Swenson-Wright, eds., Korea and East Asia: The Stony Road to Collective Security(Leiden, Brill, 2013)
“U.S. Strategic Rebalancing to Asia: South Korea's Perspective,” Asia Policy no. 15 (January 2013)
“ROK-US alliance,” Asan Brief, Asan Policy Institute, 2013. 11
“Regional Security Cooperation in Northeast Asia,” in Jonathan D. Pollack, Asia Eyes America: Regional Perspectives on US Asia-Pacific Strategy in the Twenty-first Century(New Port, Naval War College Press, 2008)
(with Yong Chool Ha), “North Korea's Brinkmanship and the Task to Solve the 'Nuclear Dilemma,' ” Asian Perspective 34, no. 1 (2010).
“Moving From a North Korean Nuclear Problem to the Problem of North Korea,” NAPSNET Policy Forum Online 09–047, June 11, 2009
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