PARK, Ihn-hwi


Ph.D. Northwestern University, Political Science, 1999
M.A. University of Pittsburgh, International Affairs, 1995
B.A. Sungkyunkwan University, Economics, 1990

Current Positions

Professor, Division of International Studies, Ewha Womans University
Vice President for General Affairs, Ewha Womans University (2014 – 2017)

Past Positions

Vice President, General Affairs Director, Research Director, Publication Director, Director without Portfolio, The Korean Association of International Studies
Vice President, Editing Director, Public Relations Director, The Korean Political Science Association
Vice President of The Korean Association of Northeast Asian Studies, Vice President of The Korean Association of Peace Studies, Vice President of The Korean Association of North Korean Studies, etc.
Visiting Professor, University of Washington
Director, Institute of Development and Human Security, Ewha Womans University
Member, Advisory Committee, Presidential Office of National Security


Representative Publications in Korean(last 10 years)

(edited book) History of Foreign Relations of the Korean Developmental Model (Ingansarang, 2018)
(edited book) Peace and International Politics of the Korean Peninsula (Orum, 2018)
(co-authored book) The Korean Mobius and Its Solutions (Neulpoom, 2021)
(co-authored book) Suggestions for the Crisis of Korean Society (Nanam, 2016)
(book chapter) Foreign Strategy of the Kim Jung-un’s Era (Hanul, 2018)
(book chapter) Evaluation of the 30 Years history of the Nordpolitik (Pureungil, 2017)
(journal article) “Northeast Asian Region and the Internationality of the Korean Problem,” Journal of Northeast Asian Studies, 26-3(2021)
(journal article) “Power Politics and US-China Conflict,” National Security and Strategy, 20-4(2021)
(journal article) “Denuclearization and Peace Process and the Continuity of Engagement Policy Toward North Korea,” National Security and Strategy, 19-1(2019)
(journal article) “20 Years of the North Korea’s Nuclear Crisis and ROK-US Alliance”, The Korean Journal of International Relations, 53-3(2013)

Representative Publications in English(last 10 years)

(book chapter) “Sino-Japanese Relations and Diversifying Korea’s National Interest”, Victor Teo, ed., The Koreas between China and Japan (Cambridge Scholars, 2014)
(journal article) “Two-Level Game and Politics of the United States-North Korea Negotiation,” Korean Journal of Defense Analysis(SSCI), 32-3(2020)
(journal article) “Alliance Theory and Northeast Asia: Challenges on the 60 th Anniversary of the ROK-US Alliance,” Korean Journal of Defense Analysis(SSCI), 25-3(2013)
(journal article) “U.S. Policy of the New South Korean Government: Outlook and Implications,” International Journal of Korean Unification Studies, 31-1(2022)
(journal article) “The Korean Peace System after the Korean War: International Factors and the Current Significances,” International Journal of Korean Unification Studies, 29-1(2020)