About KAIS

The Korean Association of International Studies (KAIS) was founded in 1956 to promote research and education related to international relations by Korean political scientists who shared the importance of international relations for South Korea and the understanding that international relations has its own distinct scope and methodology. The association is free from any ideological inclinations as well as political prejudices. Further, it does not identify with any political parties or administrations. For over six decades since its inception, the association has been successful in upholding these principles.

For more than half a century since its inception, the KAIS has shown remarkable developments. Starting with a membership of no less than ten, KAIS has become one of the most prominent academic associations in Korea with more than 2,100 individual and institutional members. The KAIS has regularly held annual meetings, international conferences and special seminars on various themes of domestic and foreign policies.

The KAIS publishes two academic journals, one in Korean and one in English. Also it published numerous numbers of books and text books on international studies, contributing the quality of scholarship in this field.

In addition to the growth in its activities and membership, the KAIS also takes pride in meeting theoretical and policy needs of the South Korean government as well as universities. Thanks to its past achievements, dedication of its members, and adherence to principles, the KAIS today is one of the most respected and representative academic associations in Korea.